Read what our clients say about us

Tim - Reigate 

My Pilates experience!  Having never done Pilates before I did not know what to expect.  I found your approach very warm and welcoming,  which enabled me to feel both at ease as a novice and comfortable in the environment.   The exercises and stretches themselves were brilliant,   with suitable modifications offered to less-flexible individuals like me.     On the whole a very enjoyable introduction to Pilates.   I would not hesitate to recommend your classes to family,  friends and clients a like.    Dec 19 

Andy - Caterham  I had a number of people recommending that I started doing Pilates but I was initially hesitant, feeling unsure as to how I would get on with classes.  That was over two years ago and I now go to Allison’s classes every week.  The classes are really friendly and Allison is brilliant at helping people with a wide range of abilities without disrupting the flow of the class.  While I know that I feel better I was delighted when my Osteopath confirmed that I had gained real benefits from Allison’s Pilates classes.  Jan 2019

Pilates Student 

If you are thinking of taking up Pilates, I highly recommend joining one of Allison’s ‘Fit & Fabulous’ classes.

Last year I was struggling with a knee problem and balance issues. When I had to descend stairs a step at a time and was getting very wobbly, I researched and discovered one of Allison’s local classes.

Not having exercised much for a long time apart from dog walking, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I needn’t have worried. The class sizes are comfortable and friendly so not at all intimidating. If you advise Alison of any particular difficulties or health issues you may have, she is mindful of this during classes.

Allison is a highly qualified and a consummate professional. I admire how she manages to keep a watch on every student whilst demonstrating the exercises herself and giving verbal instruction, but also discretely assisting participants individually to ensure that exercises are performed correctly to achieve maximum effectiveness and avoiding possible injury. 

Apart from my initial reasons for taking up the class, with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis 6 years ago, I aim to stay physically mobile for as long as possible.  I’m by no means advocating Allison’s Pilates classes as some kind of miracle cure, but the gentle stretching and strengthening exercises have definitely helped me. 

This was last September and am thrilled that after just a few weeks I noticed a difference and now after 5 months I have no problem with my knees at all, so a very big THANK YOU to Allison. So pleased to have found and joined ‘Fit & Fabulous’!   Jan 2019

Wendy - Old Coulsdon - I just had to let you know how I felt after my first Pilates class with you on Wednesday.  I thought I'd give it a try because I was beginning to get stiff joints lately but about 3 months ago I tried Yoga and injured my shoulder and it was painful to lay on and what was amazing, after my first class with yourself,  I was able to sleep on my side again and can move my shoulder practically the same as the other one on the same day unbelievable !!!  So I'm one very happy lady.   Thank you so much Alison see you next week.  August 2017

Claudine - Coulsdon,   I have been attending Allison's classes for many years,   I could not do without my weekly sessions which keep me well balanced and strong.  I certainly do not feel my age,  and I am sure this is partly due to Allison's rigorous regime (not always easy but never crippling!) I suffer from arthritis which is made bearable by the strengthening of muscles and good posture.  Give it a go.  April 2017  

Chris Sanderstead - Allison is a very capable personal trainer.  She has more of a real world view about people and lifestyles than most PT's I have met and under her tuition, I have lost 3 stone in weight and things are continuing to move in a better direction.   Over that time I have seen my breathing and fitness improve whilst also feeling like I have a lot more energy. If you are in the market for a personal trainer in the Caterham / Croydon area then it would be worth your while getting in touch with her.  March 2016  ​

Sally - Purley - I started Allison's Pilates classes on recommendation after I was beginning to have some back ache.  A year on the niggles have gone and I feel my posture is better.  I now follow on and join in Allison's body conditioning class,  a great two hours of effective exercise.  March 2016  

Andrea - Coulsdon - I have attended many fitness classes over 40 years and this is by far the best.  Allison tailors every exercise to suit personal ability,  so every week you can progress if you wish to harder exercises.  Backache is a thing of the past.    Thank you Allison.  March 2016

Carolyn - Coulsdon - I have been attending Allison's class for about two years now. I was a total beginner and did not know what to expect.  Allison is an excellent tutor who inspires confidence and injects a sense of fun in to the activity.  I have been surprised and delighted to discover that I no longer experience some of the aches and pains in my knees and hips that have come with age,  as well as recovering flexibility.  I look forward to each session and would loath to give up these classes.  March 2016

Penny - Coulsdon - I have rheumatoid Arthritis and after two hip operations and a back operations,  attending Allison's Pilates classes has really improved my mobility as well as giving me a feeling of well being.   February 2016  

Joan - Whyteleafe - I am a very active 74 year old grandmother.  I have been doing Pilates for the last 20 years in addition to my gym work.  This is to ensure my core remains strong and flexible and my posture is excellent.  The inability to move well is ageing and due to Pilates I still have a younger more youthful appearance that in turn increases my self confidence.   The Fit and Fabulous classes are a joy to attend and work around the busy schedule of a retired lady in Caterham.   I highly recommend them to everyone. January 2016  

​Linda - Coulsdon - I started Pilates classes with Allison over 4 years ago, and I feel everybody should try Pilates. It keeps you fit and toned and supple and Alison is a great teacher and makes the sessions fun and really enjoyable.  January 2016

Jackie - Coulsdon - I have attended Allison’s Pilates and Total Body Tone sessions for a long time and I feel I benefit greatly from both.  Allison is always professional but also very friendly and approachable.  She is aware of what I am capable of accomplishing and encourages me to push myself though always in a safe and enjoyable way.   I also like that Allison explains the theory behind what she teaches to enable her students to understand their bodies and how to progress their fitness and flexibility levels.   January 2016

Suzi - Caterham - I take part in the Fit and Fabulous Pilates session on a Monday night at the Whyteleafe location.   I have a busy life style with long work days,  lots of travel and carrying heavy bags.  The Pilates gives me a chance to stretch out,   strengthen my back and I feel taller after every class.  The start time is perfect for me as it connects with the train from London that arrives at Upper Warlingham so I can take part on the way home from work,  so do not have to go home and go out again,  which on dark nights, did not often happen.     December 2016